Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why didn't we do this years ago.


We have been "fixing up the laundry room.  For years it has been a hole in the wall with falling insulation and "stuff".  I was the one remaining "who'd want to buy this?" we had to change.

Bill is so handy.  He removed all the old insulation and sprayed in the new.  He build shelves from wood.  They are so sturdy you can put just about anything on them and they look pretty. (very important)

There was only one problem and we didn't discover it until we received notice the water man couldn't read the meter.  Bill had unconnected the signal wires to put up the dry wall and had forgotten to reconnect them.  The water guy came by and replaced the meter and checked everything out. 

We have one shelf left and then making the decision of what to do with the floor.  We are thinking carpet tiles.  What a difference.  I love it.  Laundry is no longer a dirty word.

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  1. It looks soooo good mom! I need Bill to come live in my house...I have some projects that need to get done.