Thursday, October 28, 2010


Mom's purse always held fascination and wonder.  One time Mom couldn't find it.  We searched the entire house.  She came to the conclusion that my friends must have taken it and I was forbidden to have anyone in the house on week-days.  On my way to my room to have a good cry, I passed the dresser in the hallway where Mom always put her purse.  There almost hidden by a sweater was a loaf of bread.  I turned, went to the kitchen and looked in the bread box.  You guessed it.  There was Mom's purse.  We had a good laugh, but I still couldn't have friends over during the week.

Once Dad asked Mom when she thought we could afford a newer car.  Mom opened her purse and in a brown envelope there was enough money for the car. 

Taking vacations always began by looking in the purse to see how much was there. 

Tithing was always in the purse.
Fast offerings were always in the purse.
New clothes for school were always in the purse.

Duane asked me to visit Mom and see if I could get her to put money in her account.  He was helping with her bills and noticed that she had not deposited her retirement checks for some time.  You must know that because I lived in Maryland and Duane was almost next door, I could get Mom to do things that he couldn't.  I asked Mom if she would like a hamburger for dinner.  She loved McDonald's hamburgers.  She said,  "Find my purse."  I went to hand it to her and she said, "There's an envelope in there.  Get some money and go get us a hamburger."

Well there were many envelopes in the purse and I asked her which one I should use.  I sat on the floor next to Mom, who was sitting on the couch.  I pulled envelpes out of her purse one after another after another.  As I opened each one there were fives, tens, twenties, and even hundred dollar bills.  We stacked them on the floor and counted.

"Want to buy a new car?" she asked. 

We didn't buy the car.  We put the money in the bank.  After that Duane had direct deposit set up and the purse sat on the dresser.

Yesterday, Bill said, "Do you have any change?" I opened my purse and gave him a $20. 

"How come you always have money in your purse?" he asked.  I just smiled and remembered.  Do you think you can inherit a purse?


  1. This is great - what a lovely memory.

  2. Love this mom. I remember Grandma's purse, too. It's where we got all our one dollar bills every time we went for a visit.

    By the way, if you're anything like Grandma...I call dibs on your purse.

  3. dang i should have looked at this post earlier so i could have called dibs! great story mom - love it

  4. Linda, in order to be fair to your daughters, I think you better leave that purse to me! ;)

  5. You can go in for a drawing on the purse Petra if I can have access to your mom's food storage when all hell breaks loose.