Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moments in Time--Digitalized

Bill was very secretive, yesterday.  He announced,"I'm going out."  "Where are you going?" I responded.  "D'no just yet.  Just out."  About an hour later he came back with a bag and handed it to me.  "What's this?  "I love you," he replied.  I opened the bag and there was a digital picture frame.  I gave him a hugh hug and a kiss.  "Thank you.  I love it and you."

Being 68 years old and quite cautious, it has taken me a day to figure out how to use the frame.  But, finally it all came together and I started downloading pictures from the internet and then uploading pictures from the computer to the memory card and VOILA!  Instant Family History.  I sat and watched a picture frame.  And cried. 

This morningThe Plan of Happiness was briefly digitalized.  A mortal moment.