Friday, May 7, 2010

Coincidence or Miracles

Some choose to believe that life is a happenstance.  Things just happen by luck or as the natural order of things.  I choose to believe that a loving Father in Heaven watches over us and is active in our daily lives.

Our home has a semi detached apartment.  It has been rented constantly since we first move in over 30 years ago.  Before our last renters moved they "spread-the-word" the apartment would be available.  One month passed, then two.  This was a very strange thing.   No longer than two week without renters had been the pattern. 

Bill and I felt no push to find a new renter though it would have been to our advantage for many reasons.  Then in March Sarah told us that Randy would no longer be stationed here and would have to return to New Mexico.  She asked if she could come home and stay with us.  Family was very inportant at this time because Maren's third heart surgery was looming before us.

Coincidence?   To add to the story, Randy received a temporary transfer to DC and will remain with his family.

There certainly are big miracle.  Maren is one of those.   Then there are the little things that happen everyday.  I believe in miracles.