Monday, March 8, 2010

Compulsory Behavior and Agency

I joined Face Book last week.  My intent was to keep in touch with family and friends on a more regular basis.  Welllllllllll, turns out there is this game, Farmville.  Need I say more!  I keep telling myself there is a choice.  You can play or not play.  I gather up the laundry and put it in the washing machine. AND return to Farmville.  I straighten the kitchen and return to Farmville, I make the bed and return to Farmville.  Oh, dear!  Happy or Sad, Good or Evil, Right or Wrong, there is always a choice.  AND then there's Farmville.


  1. that is so funny - you're going to start seeing little crops in your head

  2. I already have. By the way, I need another neighbor. Any takers?

  3. No. I refuse to aid you in your addiction.